The Truth About Stem Cells And Joint Regeneration. Can You Really Live Pain Free Without Destructive Surgery Or Harmful Drugs?
A Free Seminar For Anyone Who's Been Told They Need A Joint Replacement Surgery.
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Do You Suffer From...
  • Neck Pain
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Tennis Elbow
  • Tendonitis
  • Back Pain
  • Low Back Pain
  • Knee Pain
  • ACL/MCL Tears
  • Joint Pain
  • Joint Injury
  • Neuropathy
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Ligament Strains
  • Bursitis
  • Degenerative Arthritis
  • Osteoarthritis of the Knee
  • Degenerative Cartilage and Ligaments
  • Degenerative Joint Disease
  • Or any other type of Arthritis, Joint Pain or Injury?
  • Neck Pain
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Tennis Elbow
  • Tendonitis
  • Back Pain
  • Low Back Pain
  • Knee Pain
  • ACL/MCL Tears
  • Joint Pain
  • Joint Injury
  • Neuropathy
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Ligament Strains
  • Bursitis
  • Degenerative Arthritis
  • Osteoarthritis of the Knee
  • Degenerative Cartilage and Ligaments
  • Degenerative Joint Disease
  • Or any other type of Arthritis, Joint Pain or Injury?
Get the full story at this live seminar so you can decide!
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Types Of Pain & Injury That Can Be Treated With 
Stem Cell & Regenerative Therapy
Types Of Pain & Injury That Can Be Treated With Stem Cell Therapy
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Frequently Asked Questions
Does Medicare or health insurance cover stem cell treatments?
Unfortunately not at this time. While we're hopeful it will one day be covered so that more patients can take advantage of this life-changing treatment, it currently is considered to be an "elective" procedure and is not approved for coverage.
Where do the stem cells come from?
The stem cells come from umbilical cords donated by mothers who have had a healthy cesarean section delivery, so there is no harm or pain to the mother or her new baby. In fact, until recently, the umbilical material was typically thrown away after the baby's delivery.

The donated cells are processed and checked for a full slate of diseases following strict FDA guidelines.
How many treatments will I need?
Of course, every patient is different, but many people experience major relief after only ONE treatment!** Others may require additional treatments, something we determine through our advanced assessment both before and after each treatment. But there's the really good news... Once your joint is repaired, there's no need for further treatment unless a new injury or further joint degeneration occurs.
Does the therapy ever not work?
Like any medical procedure, there's no 100% guarantee. In some extreme cases of damage and degeneration it's possible that the stem cells simply can't repair enough of the damage relative to the severity of your condition.
If the therapy doesn't work for me, can I still get surgery?
Yes. There's nothing about this therapy that would cause damage or preclude you from having surgery in the future. Also, please know that we evaluate each case carefully before prescribing treatment. If we believe the best course of action in your case is surgery, that's what we'll advise.
I'm interested. What's the next step?
Come to our seminar. Learn about regenerative cell therapy and see if it might be right for you. There's no cost, no obligation, and the seminar only lasts one hour. You owe it to yourself to consider this option as something that could significantly improve your quality of life without painful surgery or harmful drugs.

How long does the seminar last?
The presentation will last about 45 minutes or so. But the doctor always makes time afterwards to visit with the guests and answer any specific questions you may have about your personal situation.
Who is a candidate for regenerative cell therapy?
It is a revolutionary breakthrough treatment for anyone suffering from inflammation, joint degeneration, reduced mobility, sports injuries, tissues and ligament damage, or chronic pain.
Is regenerative cell therapy safe?
Yes! More than 100,000 injections have been performed without a single report of adverse side effects. Stem cell treatments have also been used by ophthalmologists and plastic surgeons for over 20 years. 
How long does the healing and repair process take?
Every patient and condition is unique but for most people, there's virtually no downtime at all. You should begin seeing improvement almost immediately upon receiving treatment, and then the body can continue to repair itself for up to 8 additional months, so you could see steady improvement.

In a recent study by an umbilical manufacturer, a group of over 60 participants received treatment. The average pain scale went from an 8 to a 0 in just 5 weeks for all of the participants.**
How much does treatment cost?
The cost will depend on a wide array of factors including cause of injury/damage, location and severity of the damage, areas of the body affected, x-ray images, patient history, etc. Some cases may require special surgical equipment and imaging devices in order to safely and accurately deliver the stem cells to the damaged areas. You'd need to speak with one of our doctors to discuss your particular circumstances to see if you are a good candidate for the procedure and get a sense of the approximate cost. The doctor always makes time for a personal conversation with each of the guests at the seminar.

We also offer a free initial consultation in our office to evaluate your condition. At that time, we'll able to make specific recommendations regarding treatment and provide you with a cost breakdown.  


"Prior to receiving the stem cell injection in my back and shoulder about 3 months ago, my pain level was 8 out of 10 in my back and 6 in my shoulder. While I still have 6 months to go, I already have absolutely no pain in my shoulder, and my back pain is already at least 50% reduced! I am finally off all pain medications and can actually sleep through the night without waking up due to the pain. I would definitely recommend this treatment to anyone who is suffering from pain."*
If you suffer with the following conditions, learn more about how Stem Cell & Regenerative Therapy can help eliminate the pain and repair the damage.
Regenerative Medicine For Shoulder Injuries
Sports activities that require repeating overhead movements like lifting weights, swimming, throwing or pitching, and swinging of the arms put a lot of strain on the shoulder. Even regular, everyday activities can damage the shoulder such as gardening, hanging curtains, or even scrubbing the floors or walls. Often, injury to the shoulder is difficult to heal, and can easily become a recurring problem, even if the immediate pain has subsided. Once ligaments and tissues have been damaged, scar tissue and inflammation can continue to form and build. It is also common for the same injury to reappear, and flare up at later times.

Sports-related or other injury to the shoulder can now be treated with non-invasive, regenerative medicine procedures like Regenerative Cell Therapy. This is a revolutionary treatment option that has helped many patients avoid prescription medications, steroid injections, and even surgery.
Regenerative Medicine For Rotator Cuff Tears
Your shoulder is a ball-and-socket joint in which the ball of your upper arm bone fits into the socket of your shoulder blade. The rotator cuff is a network of four muscles that come together as tendons forming a covering around the head of the upper arm bone keeping the arm bone firmly attached to the socket of the shoulder blade (scapula).  

The rotator tears usually develop gradually due to stress, overuse and natural wear and tear. People who repeatedly lift their arm overhead are more vulnerable to overuse tears. These include athletes such as tennis players, swimmers, weight lifters and baseball pitchers. A tear in the rotator cuff produces a lot of pain and also contributes to instability in the shoulder joint. If it is severe, there may be weakness or an inability to lift the arm.

Our Regenerative Cell Therapy treatment has been fortified and enhanced with cytokines and additional natural growth factors to aid in the recovery of rotator cuff injuries. After an injection directly into the rotator cuff, these cells combine with the body’s own natural healing and immune cells and aid the body in repairing the tear.
Regenerative Cell Therapy
This therapy uses powerful & effective umbilical cord stem cells that are collected following a healthy c-section delivery, so no babies have been harmed whatsoever with this treatment!

Regenerative cell therapy is one of the newest and most cutting-edge therapies for chronic joint pain. The umbilical cord-derived stem cell matrix offers patients 3 essential properties for healing and restoring joint health:
  • A high concentration of stem cells
  • Hyaluronic Acid for joint lubrication and movement
  • Anti-inflammatory cytokines and cellular growth factors essential for building new joint tissue
The regenerative cell therapy consists of an injection directly into the painful area, which has the potential to actually alter the course of the condition and not simply mask the pain. This therapy has significant potential for those in pain, and can actually repair structural problems while treating pain and inflammation simultaneously.**

When the umbilical stem cell material is obtained, it comes from consenting donors who have undergone elective c-sections. The fluid is processed and is checked for a full slate of diseases following the strict FDA guidelines.**

The stem cell material has been used over 100,000 times in the US with no adverse events reported. It acts as an immunologically privileged material, meaning it has NOT been shown to cause any rejection reaction in the body. This means there is no “graft versus host” problem.**
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What Are Stem Cells?
Stem cells are the building blocks of the human body. A stem cell can not only replicate itself, but it can also turn into other specialized cells, such as blood cells, skin cells, bone cells, cartilage cells, and just about any cell in the human body.

Everyone already has hundreds of millions of stem cells in their body. They’re the reason that your skin is completely replaced every 35 days. Stem cells cause your hair and nails to grow. They’re replacing the worn out and damaged cells in your organs and tissues throughout your body. And they’re creating 2 million new red blood cells for you every second!

It’s been said that you wouldn’t live for more than just a few hours if you had no stem cells.
What Is Regenerative Therapy?
Your Body’s Built-In Repair System
Your body has its own incredible repair systems. When you fall down and skin your knee, your body sends stem cells to the injured area to begin repairing and replacing the damaged skin and tissue. When you break a bone, your body sends stem cells to help the broken bones grow back together. 

For almost any kind of damage or injury, your body has the tools and systems in place to make the needed repairs to keep you going. It is sending your own stem cells (along with a few other special cells) to repair the damage.

But as we age, our body produces fewer stem cells on its own. And the stem cells that it does produce, are just not quite as “healthy and strong” as when you were young. This is the reason why a baby’s skin is always so soft and smooth compared to a more “mature” adult.

As a result, when our “more mature” joints are injured or damaged from arthritis or degeneration, we just don't have as many stem cells to repair the damage as when we were young, nor are the stem cells as strong and healthy to make the repairs. This is why most of the recent advancements in regenerative medicine have focused on using stem cells and growth factors from healthy young umbilical tissue.

And that’s where stem cell and regenerative therapy comes in...
Discover How You Can Benefit From Stem Cell & Regenerative Therapy To Live A Pain Free Life Without Harmful Drugs Or Destructive Surgery
Session 1
Tue. Nov. 27 at 11:30am
Houck’s Grille
10930 Crabapple Rd. B130
Roswell, GA 30075
Session 2
Sat. Dec. 1 at 11:30am
Houck’s Grille
10930 Crabapple Rd. B130
Roswell, GA 30075
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Dr. Atlee Wampler
Superior Healthcare Group
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About This Seminar...

Chronic pain robs sufferers of their quality of life and often leads to unnecessary pain medications and even depression. But it is now possible to turn the clock of time backwards and get your life back.

During our unique 1 hour presentation, you will learn everything there is to know about Stem Cells including how they work, the different types, where they come from, where they work best, research studies and effectiveness.

Now, safe and effective treatments for knee, shoulders, hips, elbows, back and neck are available without harmful Side Effects or PAIN. 

Using the most up-to-date techniques and research, Superior Healthcare Group has created a presentation on this revolutionary medical breakthrough featuring strategic solutions for relief from many chronic pain and health issues.

PLEASE NOTE: This seminar is only for local area residents looking for an alternative solution to their joint pain. Due to the limited seating of this venue, we can only accept first time visitors. If you have attended a previous event and would like to get additional information about this treatment program, please call us at (678) 883-7836 to arrange a no cost consultation with one of our doctors.
* The testimonials presented on this site are individual experiences, reflecting real life experiences of those who have received the treatment presented here. However, they are individual results and results do vary. While the vast majority of our patients do experience reduced pain and improved physical condition from this treatment, we do not claim that every patient will experience these improved conditions. Additionally, these testimonials are not intended to make claims that these products can be used to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate or prevent any disease. These claims have not been evaluated by the FDA.
** The information contained on this page and in this seminar has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease, injury or illness.
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